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We offer a customized program that includes two consultations, IV injections, and individualized health coaching. Is reducing your weight an ongoing struggle? Providing the body with a boost of vitamins and fat-burning agents can jumpstart the process or be that missing piece that promotes fat reduction to occur.


Weight Management Program

Twelve weeks

At the beginning of the comprehensive weight management program, you’ll get a consultation with our nurse practitioner to evaluate if you are a candidate for the injections. If you are a perfect fit for the weight management programwe’ll provide you with the prescriptions and injections. In the first week, we’ll measure your weight, take before pictures, and determine your customized health coaching as a stand-alone service based on your body type. You may get a vitamin shot the same day or after two weeks. Then after two weeks, you’ll get a B12 vitamin shot. After an additional two weeks, you may get IV injections, semaglutide, or lipotropic. Lastly, in the eighth week, you’ll get a concluding consultation. On average, patients get eight to ten pounds slimmer within the program’s eight weeks if the instructions are correctly followed.
The weight management program assists you in managing your weight to prevent risks of medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. It will aid you in keeping a healthy weight and improving your nutrition. It’s a long-term plan to give you maximum control of your weight. You’ll learn to improve your behavior by learning about nutrition, improving your eating habits, increasing your exercise routine, and improving your mindset on the topic of healthy nutrition. You’ll get a reduction of at least eight to ten pounds slowly and safely.
You’re an excellent candidate if you struggle to reach a healthy weight by only eating healthy meals and exercising. Also, you may be a candidate if you have obesity or medical problems. We’ll evaluate to determine if you have a hormone disorder that prevents you from reducing your weight.
It reduces the risks of getting heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.
It includes weight reduction techniques, health coaching, exercise programs, and behavior modifications. We’ll give you an individual consultation tailored to meet your goals resulting in a slimmer appearance.

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