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Dr. Jeffrey Saylor​, MD MPH | Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic in Guntersville, AL
Meet Dr. Jeffrey Saylor​


Our Medical Director Dr. Jeffrey Saylor offers medically safe FDA approved injectables by Galderma at Cultivated Beauty in Guntersville, Alabama. As of recent years Dr. Saylor added “Regenerative & Aesthetic Medicine” to his services because he believes that health and beauty are a perfect marriage. Living well, feeling great, and looking your best while you age is possible with Dr. Saylor’s commitment to excellence. Our amazing team of estheticians and nurses offer a variety of beauty, wellness and skin rejuvenation services that keep our patients coming back for more. Though we do not offer any services covered by insurance, treatments are affordable and we offer Care Credit Financing to those that want to take advantage of a payment plan for their services.

Visit us to experience Botox/Dysport injectables and Restylane Fillers as well as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for skin rejuvenation and hair restoration at Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic Boutique with Dr. Saylor in Guntersville, AL. Ask us about weight-loss and IV nutrition at Cultivated Beauty in a discreet non-medical Boutique style setting.

Why we chose Dr. Saylor as our Medical Director and Cosmetic Injector in Guntersville, Alabama.

Our team at Cultivated Beauty and Aesthetic Boutique chose Dr. Saylor as the Medical Director and Cosmetic Injector because of his commitment to excellence in all areas of medicine. His holistic and progressive, yet safe approach to medicine is admirable.

Dr. Saylor’s practice outside of Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic Boutique

Dr. Saylor’s practice area includes insurance based family care services, including blood work, pediatric care, immunizations, and preventive screenings. Dr. Saylor also offers more specialized care, including concierge medicine, treatment of opioid addiction, and medically supervised weight loss.

Dr. Saylor earned his medical degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Heersink School of Medicine. Before entering private practice, he completed residency training in family medicine at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Julie Willis Wellness Coach
Julie Willis

Health | Wellness Coach 

We are excited to welcome Julie Willis as our our Health & Wellness coach at Cultivated Beauty and Aesthetic Boutique and look forward to changing lives for the better in our local community. Julie always had an interest in mental and physical health and loves helping individuals live their best version of themselves. Her passion and interest for mental and physical health drove her to pursue a degree in family counseling. Julie received a Master’s in Psychology with a concentration in Family Counseling in 2019. It did not take her long to make a connection between whole body wellness and mental health, which is why she decided to further her education in the field of health wellness. She recently received her certification in health and wellness from the Institute for integrative nutrition. Julie works alongside our amazing team of local medical professionals to help our lovely patients meet their physical and mental health goals. Julie loves educating her patients and teaching them how to live a healthier lifestyle without breaking the bank. Even people in small southern towns such as Guntersville can learn to implement healthier habits and live longer more fulfilled lives by changing small things in their day to day living routines.

Our team at Cultivated Beauty believes that changing small things in our everyday lives, using a more holistic approach can easily be applied at home. After all, everyone should be treated as an individual and wellness should be tailored for each person’s specific needs and Julie is here to help you reach your goals. Remember, Self Care is not selfish. Julie’s background in mental health and her own passion for living a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle is a great asset in helping you, the patient feel and look your best.

Julie Willis grew up in Marshall County and Etowah County, Alabama and is still a part of the local community today. She has been married to her husband Dr. Willis for 22 years and is an amazing mother to four girls. When she is not at the soccer fields cheering on her girls, she enjoys reading, traveling, and listening to music.

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