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Group of three smiling girls with makeup brush | Dermaplaning at Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic in Guntersville, AL
Dermaplaning is perfect for better product absorption and smooth makeup application.
A Group of cute girls in a line | Dermaplaning at Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic in Guntersville, AL
A Woman taking treatment on her face | Dermaplaning Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic in Guntersville, AL

Experience Dermaplaning at Cultivated Beauty Aesthetics Boutique in Guntersville, Alabama.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning also referred to as manual exfolliation” involves gently gliding a small surgical blade along the skin to slough off dead skin cells in addition to removing wispy facial and neck hair (peach fuzz, vellus hair). Skin is smoother and texture as well as tone can be visibly improved. This treatment is often combined with other facial treatments such as Hydrafacial and Facials or Chemical Peels. This treatment is perfect for smoother makeup application.



Many people receive dermaplaning once per month in conjunction with another facial service such as Hydrafacial, Chemical Peel or SkinPEN.

This treatment can be done on almost any part of the body. It is primarily done on the face and neck. Please ask your esthetician about any areas you would like to have dermaplaning and they can guide you on the proper session for each area.
Your dermaplaning session will last approximately 30 minutes. You will lay back and one of our estheticians will perform the dermaplaning procedure using a professional grade sterile scalpel.
Anyone that desires to have smoother, healthier, and hair-free skin. Patients of any ethnic background and skin tone can undergo dermaplaning.

We use only licensed and experienced staff to perform all treatments.  Our customized facial treatments are personalized and affordable, which makes your custom skin maintenance program with our evidence-based medical approach easy. You will love our intimate boutique style suite and our amazing providers.

Interested in DermaPlaning?  Get in touch by requesting your consult with one of our skilled providers.

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