How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last?


Pursuing eternal youth has become an unending quest in a world where time is both a revered companion and an adversary. Enter the realm of dermal fillers, where science and art converge to weave a tapestry of rejuvenation. But how long do these magical elixirs of youth truly last? Join us on an expedition through […]

How Many Times Can You Do LED Light Therapy?


Imagine a skincare treatment that feels like a gentle, soothing embrace for your skin, working to turn back the clock and unveil your natural radiance. LED Light Therapy, often referred to as the secret weapon of the beauty industry, is a remarkable treatment that has been making waves in the world of skin rejuvenation. In […]

The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Provider for SkinPen Microneedling

Choosing a Qualified SkinPen Microneedling provider

Introduction The quest for youthful and vibrant skin has led to a surge in the popularity of various skin rejuvenation techniques. One such technique that has gained significant recognition is microneedling, a minimally invasive procedure known for its remarkable ability to improve the skin’s texture and appearance. Among the numerous microneedling devices available, SkinPen has […]

What are the benefits of laser hair removal treatment?

What are the benefits of laser hair removal treatment

Introduction How often do you shave and wax your hair? Do you wish there was a more efficient and long-lasting solution? Laser hair removal might be just what you need. At Cultivated Beauty LLC, we offer the latest technology in laser hair removal that provides you with continual freedom from hair removal methods like shaving […]

What is LED Light Therapy, and What Are The Benefits? 

What is LED light therapy and what are the benefits

Are you looking for an ideal way to make your skin look younger that won’t hurt you? LED light therapy is all you need. This treatment uses different wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin and stimulate cellular activity, which has many benefits for your skin. Join us here at Cultivated Beauty and see what benefits you can gain […]

What Are The Benefits Of IPL Photofacial?

A Lady getting IPL Photofacial treatment | Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic in Guntersville, AL

Too frequently, we expose our skin to the sun without wearing protective clothing, using an umbrella, or applying sunscreen. This seemingly unimportant feature, which tells our skin to the sun’s full force, has a substantial long-term impact. Fortunately, there is a procedure called an IPL Photofacial that can heal and reverse skin damage. Because UV […]

Rejuvenated Skin Is Just One HydraFacial Away

Hydrafacial Skincare treatment | Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic in Guntersville, AL

3 Steps. 30 minutes. The best skin of your life! Looking for a simple treatment for rejuvenated skin? We are excited to offer HydraFacial treatments at Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic Boutique in Guntersville, Alabama. HydraFacial is guaranteed to give you a glowing, hydrated complexion during any season. We can quickly remove impurities while nourishing the skin with nutrients that will […]

SkinPen The Highest Standard in Microneedling

Beautiful lady with pretty face | Skinpen Microneedling at Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic in Guntersville, AL

Our team at Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic Boutique loves SkinPen microneedling treatments because it visibly improves the skin’s appearance in patients of all ethnicities without downtime or pain. SkinPen is the ideal gateway technology to reach our patients skin goals one treatment at a time. It delivers dramatic rejuvenation results in less than an hour. Treat the face and neck and step […]

We Love Restylane Fillers

A Group of cute girls in a line | Restylane Fillers at Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic in Guntersville, AL

Cultivated Beauty has teamed up with Galderma the makers of Restylane Filler, Sculptra Aesthetic, and Dysport to help patients achieve a more natural appearance.  The collection of Restylane Fillers are medically safe and FDA approved.  Patients can now achieve a more youthful defined appearance without looking over-injected. Facial lines and wrinkles become more prominent and noticeable while aging because we lose bone […]

ASMR Facial in Guntersville, AL

ASMR Facial in Guntersville, AL | Cultivated Beauty Aesthetic

Trending Treatments include ASMR Facials!  WHAT DOES ASMR STAND FOR?  ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. WHAT DOES ASMR DO?   It creates a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often […]

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